Barcode reader

360,00 CHF

Wireless Scanner communication coverage up to 30 meters (open space).

Barcode scanner SL-6202BT
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54,00 CHF

The SC-8070S is a short-range CCD scanner, widely applied in the supermarket, post office and warehouse

Barcode scanner SL-8070S
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135,00 CHF

SSL-8371 is a laser scanner with a good hand held. Equipped with the patented CodeGate ® technology and CodeSense Honeywell

Barcode scanner SL-8371
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75,00 CHF

The SL-9000D is a bar code reader with a compact design, excellent performance and ergonomic design

Barcode scanner SL-9000D
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260,00 CHF

The SL-9180, practical and stable, it is easy to install next to cash registers

Barcode scanner SL-9180
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