54,34 CHF

Set of 50 cards impregnated with isopropyl alcohol, delivered in individual bags

Evolis A5002
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43,25 CHF

Kit of 25 sticks with cleaning foam tip 

Evolis A5003
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12,35 CHF

Cleaning kit for printer roller

Evolis A5004
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25,95 CHF

Ultraclean kit for the complete maintenance of your card printer...

Evolis A5011
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29,64 CHF

A pack of 10 adhesive cleaning cards

Evolis A5070
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44,46 CHF

Cleaning kit containing cards and alcohol swabs

Evolis ACL001
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54,34 CHF

Complete cleaning kit

Evolis ACL002
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118,56 CHF

50 adhesive cleaning cards

Evolis ACL003
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54,34 CHF

10 alcohol cleaning "T" cards

Evolis ACL004
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17,29 CHF

3 cleaning pens

Evolis ACL005
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